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Back in the MySpace days, 13-year-old art loving me, stumbled upon my love for graphic design almost by accident. I found myself spending countless hours crafting unique layouts and graphics for my friends' MySpace profiles, tweaking HTML and CSS codes to perfection. Little did I know, those late-night sessions would ignite a passion that would shape my career path. From those humble beginnings, my journey into the world of graphic design and brand awareness began.

My passion for design was further fueled by my deep appreciation for the music and food industries, where creativity knows no bounds. It was in these vibrant worlds that I discovered the power of visual storytelling and the impact it has on shaping a brand's identity. As I delved deeper into design, I found myself drawn to brand design and the intricacies of marketing strategies. Now, armed with years of experience and a diverse portfolio, I'm ready to bring my expertise to any industry, transforming visions into captivating brand experiences.

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